Making a difference


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“What happened in Charlottesville doesn’t represent us.”

When a horrific act of racially motivated violence occurred during the summer of 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia Councilman Kissinger stood up against racism and participated in The Maumee March Against White Supremacy where hundreds of people rallied to spread the message; that hate and racism are wrong and will not be tolerated.

Donations pour in following apartment fire in South Toledo

When a fire destroyed a large apartment building in the Maumee City School district Councilman Kissinger led efforts to support the over 70 affected individuals and families through his work with the Red Cross.

Maumee City Council selects new president

Seeing the need for new leadership in 2018, Councilman Kissinger nominated Tim Pauken, who was subsequently elected as President of Maumee City Council.

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