Kissinger protests the targeting of elderly Maumee employees

January 23, 2019
Contact: David Kissinger 419.350.8949,


Councilman David Kissinger has sent a letter to fellow council members protesting the targeted use of “Hourly Reduction for Certain Employees” as an attack on elderly Maumee City Employees.

David Kissinger, Maumee City Councilman, is protesting Mayor Richard Carr’s targeting of two employees over the age of 62 years for a reduction in employment hours.

“It is stunning to me that Mayor Carr would flagrantly, and without remorse cut the pay of just two city employees, both of whom are senior citizens.”

David Kissinger is locked in a battle with the mayor on several policy issues pertaining to the City of Maumee.  “It’s obvious the mayor is lashing out at innocent people to prove his testosterone level is still measurable,” said Kissinger.

“It is troubling that these people would be affected, and their family budgets slashed in the twilight of their careers just so the mayor can say he saved some money,” Kissinger added.

David Kissinger is a registered nurse (RN) and since being elected in November of 2015 he has fought for the rights of citizens’ to be heard.  Dave has demanded that government provide the services that the citizens deserve.  He has provided courageous leadership as Chairman of  Land Use and Zoning, Public Utilities, and Environment Committees, also having served as a member of Code, Personnel, Water & Sewer, Streets, Building and Lands and Public Information Committees of Maumee City Council.



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