Kissinger Leaves Republican Party

April 22, 2019 @ 4:22pm
Contact: David Kissinger 419.350.8949,

DAVID KISSINGER Announces Leaving Republican Party

Will Become a Lucas County Democrat

Maumee— April 22, 2019 Today, Maumee City Councilman, David Kissinger announced that he will no longer consider himself a Republican and join the Democrat Party.

I have been a Republican for most of my adult life.  I have embraced their ideals of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and higher standards for our leaders,” said Mr. Kissinger.  “But, as I announce today that I am leaving the Republican Party, I do so with a heavy heart.”

He went on to say, “Through thick and thin, I have stood by the party.  Even thru the dark days of the last decade, I worked with my Republican friends to maintain the standards and dignity of what it meant to be Republican.  But that has changed.  The events of the past months, in Maumee, and the party leaderships’ stubborn defense of the indefensible has left me with no other choice than to leave.”

Ethical Conundrums

The ethical conundrums, and canards that the citizens of Maumee have been force-fed by the Republican leadership of this great city, and the lack of comment from the county leaders have left me feeling baffled and betrayed,” Kissinger added.We should stand for something bigger than ourselves, hold each other accountable when words and deeds do not meet the standards of decency, and basic fair-play.”

Republican Tenure Ended

“So, today, I am formally joining the Democrat Party.  I do this without reservation, and pledge to one and all that this is a lifetime commitment.”

David Kissinger is a registered nurse (RN) and began serving on Maumee City Council in January of 2016.  Even before winning election in November of 2015 he has fought for the rights of citizens’ to be heard.  Dave has demanded that the government provide the services that citizens deserve.  He has provided courageous leadership as Chairman of  Land Use and Zoning, Public Utilities, and Environment Committees, also having served as a member of Code, Personnel, Water & Sewer, Streets, Building and Lands and Public Information Committees of Maumee City Council.  Running unsuccessfully for Lucas County Republican Party chairman in 2012.


For more information, press only:

David Kissinger, 419.350.8949,

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