==Maumee City Council (2019)==

Maumee closing in on hiring city administrator

Suburban leaders evaluating regional water proposal

A look at the candidates for Maumee city council

Suburban Councilmen impressed by Toledo Collins Park Water Plant

Ex-city administrator Jezak running for mayor in Maumee

Maumee council to meet after Ohio Ethics Commission subpoena

Maumee official John Jezak paid over $20,000 to stay home

Maumee official seeks to allow administrator to return to work

11 Investigates: Ethics report reveals suspicious actions by Rich Carr in promotion of HR Commissioner

==Maumee City Council (2018)==

Mayor wants to remove city administrator Jezak who reported Carr’s wrongdoings

Maumee council acts to make ethics report costs public

Maumee officials consider next steps following Ethics Investigation of Mayor Carr

Law firm investigating wrongdoing by Maumee Mayor Carr releases report

Maumee Mayor Carr sad he was not invited to lunch and feels left out of water talks

Maumee City Councilman Dave Kissinger discusses the latest on the Regional Water Authority on WSPD with Scott Sands

Maumee City Council votes to OK offer from Monnette’s Market

Maumee City Council selects new president

==Maumee City Council (2017)==

08/13/17 Maumee Councilman – What happened in Charlottesville doesn’t represent Maumee

Maumee residents concerned about speeding in residential neighborhoods

Donations pour in following apartment fire in South Toledo

Lucas County seeks to ax FirstEnergy subsidy

Maumee to seek an injunction on Ohio law, State takes away city say over tower construction

==Maumee City Council (2016)==

County looks to educate about rats, Maumee wants to limit animals

Maumee tables tobacco-code change, Raising legal age ignites business opposition

Maumee Mayor Carr wants to hurt Maumee small business community

==Lucas County Republican Party Chairman (2016)==

7/23/16 C-SPAN Interview with Dave Kissinger at 2016 Republican National Convention

7/20/16 Interview of Dave Kissinger at RNC in CLE 2016 on WSPD with Scott Sands

GOP chairman Stainbrook withstands overthrow bid, Committee vote mostly peaceful despite opposition

Lucas Co. GOP may see leadership battle, Over 100 seats were contested

==Maumee City Council (2015)==

6 in Maumee council race, Water, balanced budget candidates’ top issues

==Lucas County Republican Party Chairman (2014)==

7/11/14 Interview of Dave Kissinger by Fred LeFebvre on WSPD regarding the Lucas County Republican Party selection of Judge Handwork and Mark Wagoner Sr. for the Board of Elections.

Lucas Co. GOP refuses to pick new nominees, Executive panel to challenge Husted in court over elections board rebuff

Husted to disregard rival Republican bloc, Stainbrook group to produce board candidates

Splinter group claims status as Lucas Co. GOP, Republican faction nominates own elections board candidates

Splinter group makes nominations for Board of Elections

6/24/14 Interview of Dave Kissinger by Scott Sands on WSPD regarding the Lucas County Republican Party rejection of the nominations of Ben Roberts and Kelly Bensman for the Board of Elections.

6/10/14 Dave Kissinger interview by Fred LeFebvre on WSPD regarding the Pre-Organizational Meeting for the Lucas County Republican Party.

==Candidate for State Representative (2012)==

Kissinger Asks Szollosi to Give Back Money

Incumbents, newcomers eye seats at Statehouse

Democratic candidates outnumbered their Republican counterparts at forum

Political hopefuls in the area meet March primary filing deadline

==Lucas County Republican Party (2010)==

Stainbrook keeps control of local Republican Party

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